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Some people think night owl is nothing but a concept, but for some, it's a way of living that challenges the basic rule of Nature since we are made to believe that night time is for sleep. Trust me; if it works for you, then you will find nothing like it! My curiosity about composing, writing & practicing the music led me to sleepless nights & it was boosted by my interest to learn different types of music.

I find night time as one of the best times to work as there is calmness everywhere & one is free from distraction. Hardly people call you at night so you can stay away from the phone & get some time with yourself because of which you introspect & know yourself better. My favorite time to work is between 3 AM – 5 AM, which I consider as the best hours of the night. The minimal level of distraction & disturbance acts as a catalyst to achieve a "Flow State".

(Flow State: https://www.self-expression.com/the-zimmer-method-can-help-you-hack-the-flow-state-for-public-speaking.shtml)

You must be thinking about what is the flow state; it is idiomatically called "THE ZONE." It is an extreme state of energized focus; basically, when people go in THE ZONE, they immersed themselves completely in the activity. Sometimes I get so immersed in the activity I lose track of time, but at the same time, the sunrise lets me know it's daytime.

For me to create something it is very important that I stop controlling my thoughts and let them flow. So it is important for me to stay away from distractions and disturbance. Achieving Flow State is one difficult task and takes patience. You cannot predict it. It just happens. and when it's happening you can only pray that no one will disturb you.

To be honest, many of my best works are because of these flow states. One day I was writing recalling Past https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IvG8Pauhns & I got so immersed in writing the music track that I lost track of time & finished the song in just 4 hours. Compared to other works, which take 80-90hrs to finish a single music track, this got over very fast.

Let me present to you how my ideal day is. I wake up very late to make sure I get enough sleep to make sure my efficiency doesn't reduce. Then I do my daily chores, sometimes I feel numb & lazy, but I don't force myself to do difficult tasks during the day. I hang out with my family, spend some time with them. Then in the evening, around 5 PM - 6 PM, I start to feel energetic & active, and my day starts from here. First, I work out, then go for a cold shower, that I meditate for at least 10mins & then I move towards the hardest tasks of the day, such as practicing instruments, learning new things & studying. I finish these tasks by 11 PM after that; I start writing music. I make sure that I start writing music usually after midnight since I always try to reach "THE ZONE" (the magical flow state). But I never try to force it as one cannot. Most of my flow states were around 2 AM – 4 AM. I try to go to bed by 5 AM, but sometimes I lose track of time & go to bed around 8 AM.

This was my story, but I feel that every person Is wired differently & people can be early birds or night owls; there is nothing right or wrong about it. People can achieve anything they truly desire by following any kind of lifestyle. But honestly, this Night Owl lifestyle has worked like magic for me!

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