We know music as a therapy can help you mitigate your stress and anxiety, improve your concentration and help you relax. But do you know it can also be used as a tool to cure or heal your brain?

Astonishing right? But it is possible!

Several research studies by leading doctors to understand the influence of music on brain damage have found out that the music therapy can help dementia patients and in fact improve the physical movement of the patients.

Today, we are here to discuss about lesions growing in the brain and spine. A Lesion is an abnormal area of tissue inside or outside the body that may get bigger or change the appearance and may or may not be cancerous. These lesions, when found in the brain, can cause memory confusion, mood swings, seizures, and stiffness which may alter the lifestyle of the person and their loved ones.

So, Let’s see how music therapy has reduced the side effects of a patient who was developing abnormal lesions growing in their spine and brain. Dr. Pip Fulstow from Australia received a patient at her clinic who has lesions. As a part of the treatment, the patient listened to binaural beats curated by Sounds of Nidra. By now, we know (you may refer to our article on Binaural Beats here at binaural blog), binaural beats at different frequencies can induce relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. During the treatment, Theta brainwave (4.9Hz) and Alpha brainwave (7.5Hz) was used to help the patient to relax and activate the brain. Further, the patient listened to alpha brainwave between 8Hz and 8.6Hz and delta frequency(3.4Hz) to reduce stress and sleep peacefully.

By experimenting with various tracks of Sounds of Nidra, the patient had found a significant difference in their symptoms. Also, the recent MRI scan report of the patient showed that the lesions are shrinking and have stopped growing. This is an incredible moment for someone who has gone through several treatments and has found a cure in music therapy from none other than Sounds of Nidra.

At Sounds of Nidra, we don’t make claims but truly want our people to benefit from the music that we curate, and we feel delighted that our music can do this.

Feel free to visit our website to listen to our music and ease yourself.

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