About Us

Sounds of Nidra is one stop shop for the new age music. Whether you own a yoga, meditation or spa center or you need a music for your Audio-books or guided meditations, Sounds of Nidra is full of variety of music suitable for your business.

The word Nidra which simply means Sleep is taken from a sacred language of Hinduism called Sanskrit. Sounds of Nidra is a moniker of composer Ajit based in India. With experience of 8 years in music composition, Ajit has composed more than 800 music tracks with 99.99% of positive reviews for customers based in 30+ countries around the world.

The music collection of Sounds of Nidra will definitely touch your heart and make you feel good all over. Our wide range of music compositions are suitable for any age group, be it kids, youngsters or the gen-x. We provide high-quality, expertly curated music tracks to complement the environment in which it plays. Our constantly evolving music tracks will give you dynamic experience of the uniqueness of our tracks.

Sounds of Nidra is underpinned by 3 key principles:

1. High Quality Product (Unique and vast variety of Music)
2. 100% Satisfaction (Customer Satisfaction over profit anytime)
3. Lifetime relations (Sounds of Nidra believes in connecting and spreading the love together)

We provide many geners of music including

- Meditation
- 432 hz
- Guided Meditation
- Relaxation
- Sleep Hypnosis
- Lucid Dream
- Audio-books
- Binaural Beats
- Healing Music
& More

Happy listening, music mates!

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